What We Do

Membership in AdvantageTrust provides non-acute care providers and nonprofits with access to the same pricing as the largest hospitals and health systems by leveraging $51.9+ billion of purchasing power.

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AdvantageTrust is a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO).

A GPO is a cooperative that aggregates the purchasing volume of its members to negotiate pricing on products and services. Members (hospitals, physician offices, surgery centers, long-term care facilities, etc.) make their purchases directly from the contracted supplier but the pricing, protections, payment and freight terms, and other conditions are negotiated between the GPO and supplier. The GPO manages the contracts and does all the behind the scenes work.

Unmatched Value

Unmatched Value


Our members receive unprecedented savings by tapping into the purchasing power of the largest committed model GPO. Advantages of membership include:

  • No-cost to join
  • No risk to join
  • Access to the broadest contract portfolio
  • Superior contract terms and conditions
  • Customer service and support designed specifically for non-hospital providers

How We are Different

How We are Different

Operator Advantage

As a division of HCA Healthcare, a leading healthcare system, our goals align with yours, namely, providing effective, evidenced-based, innovative care while managing supply chain expense.

Committed Model

We are the only truly committed GPO model in healthcare. The alignment of thousands of members, each using our contracts, underlies the scale that suppliers reward with industry-best pricing.

Simple, Easy to Use Agreements

Our contracts are simple to use—one price for all and very few pricing tiers. If there happen to be tiers, they are market-share based, not volume based.

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Supplies, Services and Equipment

We provide members with access to a broad portfolio of supplies, equipment and service categories.

  • Medical/Surgical
  • Pharmacy
  • Food
  • Housekeeping
  • Office supplies/copiers
  • Maintenance
  • Express mail/shipping
  • Rental cars/travel
  • Radiopharmaceuticals
  • IT hardware and supplies
  • Capital equipment
  • Patient room furniture
  • Environmental services
  • Mail solutions
  • Human Resource services
  • Distribution services
  • Business products
  • IV supplies
  • Laboratory equipment and supplies


  • Through our partnership with AdvantageTrust, National Assembly’s 8,000+ nonprofit members have saved an estimated $180+ million that has been redirected to the mission-related programs that build well-being in their communities. We continually find that the [AdvantageTrust] negotiated pricing is the most competitive. To top it off, the team at AdvantageTrust is always a pleasure to work with and works with us when new questions or challenges arise.

    Lee Sherman
    President & CEONational Human Services Assembly

  • HCA Healthcare’s Physician Services Group is a longstanding partner and advocate for AdvantageTrust. AdvantageTrust provides a valuable service which brings significant value to our enterprise. They assist with various manufacturing partners to improve our contracting membership(s) and help us access the best pricing tiers for the ambulatory physician space. Close collaboration with our distribution partners drives contractual compliance and improves our GPO product portfolio.

    Mike Wheeler
    DirectorPhysician Services Group, HCA Healthcare

  • AdvantageTrust has saved South Bend Medical Foundation over $400,000 in annual supply costs. All aspects of the transition to AdvantageTrust went very smoothly and AdvantageTrust was very good at reaching out to our vendors and getting the appropriate contracts set up. The AdvantageTrust team has been very responsive and good to work with. The switch to AdvantageTrust was very positive for our organization.

    Terry Rensberger
    Purchasing ManagerSouth Bend Medical Foundation

  • As the only GPO consistently growing membership in the non-acute sector, AdvantageTrust’s leveraged commitment model supports the financial sustainability of independent practices and access to quality healthcare for millions of Americans. The provider-owned and operated mindset is the difference.

    Zachary Sikes
    PresidentExpansion, LLC