Proven savings for non-acute care facilities

The AdvantageTrust program provides non-acute care members access to the negotiated contracts of HealthTrust (based on $30 billion in annual purchases), but presents the information in a way that is most relevant to their facility type. Because non-acute care facilities have a variety of staff conducting purchasing activities, AdvantageTrust communicates information about discounts and terms in a manner that all those individuals can understand.

Average Savings

Copiers/Faxes 40%
Office Furniture 30%
General Medical Supplies 28%
  • AdvantageTrust has been helpful with our non-acute businesses—long-term care, home care/hospice and physician [offices]. Its rostering process is easy and fast at getting locations up and running. The AdvantageTrust team is available and responsive to our needs and helps our locations gain access to all eligible contracts in the HealthTrust portfolio to realize savings. We are looking forward to expanding and growing with AdvantageTrust in the future.

    Sharon Tullar, non-acute manager, Trinity Health

    Sharon Tullar

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To sign up for AdvantageTrust, complete the location information form. This information is utilized to complete the appropriate enrollment documents for the facility.