Proven savings for non-acute care facilities

The AdvantageTrust program provides non-acute care members access to the negotiated contracts of HealthTrust (based on $23 billion in annual purchases), but presents the information in a way that is most relevant to their facility type. Because non-acute care facilities have a variety of staff conducting purchasing activities, AdvantageTrust communicates information about discounts and terms in a manner that all those individuals can understand.

Average Savings

Express Mail 40%
Office Furniture 30%
General Medical Supplies 28%
  • Both our physicians’ offices and our surgery centers have benefitted from our [HealthTrust] membership, gaining access to hospital pricing. … In many categories, we saw aggressive savings amounts—over 40 percent on pharmacy items. Arise would not have been able to gain this leverage with our vendors without the HealthTrust/AdvantageTrust partnership. Introducing AdvantageTrust to our physician offices also brought great value to the relationship with our partners.

    — Tammy Smittle, RN, CASC director of business development, Arise Healthcare

    Tammy Smittle

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To sign up for AdvantageTrust, complete the location information form. This information is utilized to complete the appropriate enrollment documents for the facility.

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