Steps To Enrollment

Ready to join AdvantageTrust? Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Complete and submit the online Location Information Form. The information is utilized to complete an enrollment document for the facility. (Note: information such as DEA number needs to match what is contained in the federal database or enrollment processing can be delayed.)
  2. AdvantageTrust will review the Location Information Form and use it to compile an enrollment document. The enrollment document will then be sent for electronic signature to the person listed as the authorized signer through a system called DocuSign®. (Note: check email spam/junk folder in case facility filters route it there.)
  3. The facility’s authorized signer reviews and electronically signs the enrollment document.
  4. Once all parties have signed, a fully executed copy will be emailed back with the facility’s GPOID & COID numbers included. The GPOID identification number is specific to each facility and used by our suppliers to link each location to AdvantageTrust pricing.
  5. Processing time varies depending on how quickly a facility is able to review and electronically sign the enrollment document. New members are typically processed two to seven days after receipt of the Location Information Form.
  6. Once a facility has been added to the HealthTrust membership roster, AdvantageTrust will contact the member with a welcome email that includes directions and the link needed to obtain a login to its market-specific portal containing information about the suppliers and contracts most relevant to its facility type.
  7. The AdvantageTrust website includes details about implementation and an email link and toll-free number to customer service that is exclusive to non-hospital members.