Beyond GPO Savings

Beyond Product Pricing: Total Spend Management
As part of HealthTrust, AdvantageTrust is able to offer total cost management solutions in areas such as revenue cycle management, purchased services and supply chain consulting. Below are details about some of these capabilities, which are constantly expanding. If you are looking for help in an area not listed, it is likely that we can assist.

Purchased Services Sourcing

Purchased services account for more than 20 percent of a provider’s operating expense, yet they are often overlooked as a potential area of savings. Leveraging deep category expertise and robust market intelligence, ServiceTrust offers you sustainable savings ranging, on average, from 10 to 25 percent.

Many providers do not have a clear understanding of purchased services or the resources to negotiate and manage a large number of outsourced service contracts. Lacking a single owner of purchased services within an organization, decision-making and purchasing are often decentralized without a comprehensive contracting strategy.

Engage the ServiceTrust team to help you build a successful purchased services program that will lower your operating costs and improve service performance by:

  • Conducting a comprehensive analysis of current spend for all outsourced services
  • Developing an opportunity assessment
  • Delivering a results-driven action plan to convert to national contracts
  • Converting to HealthTrust contracts or developing custom facility or regional contracts

By taking advantage of purchased services contracts within the national HealthTrust portfolio, you will achieve greater savings and eliminate time spent researching and negotiating individual contracts.

Medical Device Sourcing

Providers are faced with unprecedented challenges and the threat of lower reimbursements while medical device costs continue to rise year after year. SourceTrust leverages our clinical experts’ understanding of market dynamics to deliver an average of 16 to 20 percent savings in custom sourcing engagements for clients of all size.

SourceTrust maintains a broad portfolio of physician preference items and/or custom contracting options that cover:

  • Cardiovascular products – interventional, cardiac rhythm management, cardiac surgery
  • Orthopedics – hip and knee implants, trauma, sports medicine, small joints
  • Spine hardware and osteobiologics

Our data-driven approach emphasizes clinical expertise, leadership participation, physician collaboration and supplier engagement with best-in-class contract negotiators.

The SourceTrust team partners with providers to track and measure success in achieving financial targets, compliance, clinical/process outcomes and member satisfaction. Our team of experts constantly reviews new technology, providing you the information and tools you need to remain successful.

Workforce Solutions

Parallon Workforce Solutions offers an array of comprehensive healthcare labor management services to effectively reduce and manage costs, deliver higher workforce satisfaction and enhance quality patient care. These include strategic labor and healthcare staffing, productivity benchmarking and other advisory services as well as labor management technologies.

If you are a healthcare service provider seeking answers to today’s challenging problems, Parallon can help you identify opportunities to improve your processes and reduce costs.

  •  Strategic Partner — Customizable solutions to fit your needs
  •  Proven Results — Success in lowering total labor costs at more than 300 hospitals

 Comprehensive Resources — 14,000+ healthcare professionals, 28 staffing centers and expertise from forecasting to productivity benchmarking

Revenue Cycle

Through Parallon, we also provide seamless healthcare billing for physician services and comprehensive accounts receivable management. Using the client’s patient accounting system (accessed through a VPN connection), we bill all accounts and follow up on outstanding A/R; produce patient statements; post payments, contractual adjustments and denials; identify accounts to be written off to bad debt or charity; and perform daily and monthly closing procedures. Our focused and experienced staff helps physicians:

  • Manage high volumes of accounts
  • Collect and resolve any delayed or disputed accounts
  • Identify root cause denials and recommend improvements
  • Optimize practice cash flow

Additionally, we can provide assistance with:

  • Full-service solutions from patient registration through account resolution
  • Consulting services focused on increasing cash, decreasing costs and improving patient and physician satisfaction
  • Real-time payment compliance and denials management as part of our full-service outsourcing service
  • Medicaid eligibility
  • Extended business office services

Collections services, including early out services

Optimizing Operational Performance

Aligning the needs of clinicians, patients and operations with strategic cost management and operational efficiencies while maintaining quality patient outcomes is one of the key challenges for providers as they deal with the changing dynamics of healthcare reform. SolutionsTrust addresses all dimensions of supply and operating expense while preserving the clinical foundation.

Our team’s unique advantage is operating experience. For over a decade, we have leveraged a broad range of experience and innovation from one of the nation’s leading providers of healthcare services, optimizing our model for continuous improvement of clinical, operational and financial outcomes. SolutionsTrust saves our clients, on average, 3 to 5 percent.

With the goal of optimizing operational performance, SolutionsTrust offers consulting expertise and managed services in the areas of:

  • Supply Chain Operations
  • Pharmacy Operations
  • Surgical Services
  • Value Analysis
  • Shared Services

Information Technology

With a team of trained clinical and technical experts and methodologies proven in 300+ facilities, Parallon is the authority in healthcare IT solutions. We boast an acclaimed acceleration system that reduces implementation time and costs, along with unmatched scale that maximizes cost advantages. Our cloud IT infrastructure provides the highest possible level of security, privacy and reliability.

  •  Strategic Partner – Scale and expertise that reduce capital investments
  •  Proven Results – Best practices via 150+ meaningful use attestations
  •  Comprehensive Resources – Back-office, clinical, physician and health information exchange; consulting, capability building and outsourcing